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Localization is wrong and overwrites jQueryUI datapicker
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Currently the plugin loads the localization files for de, en, fr and nl. However each loaded file seems to overwrite the previous one which results in the language always being Dutch.

In addition this localization seems to always overwrite the localization of jQuery-UI's datepicker component which is included with DokuWiki and correctly localized already.

The immediate fix seems to be to not load the local files at all. This at least displays the jQuery UI datepicker correctly localized again.

Event Timeline

Of course this breaks the localization of the calendar view itself.

An additional bug is that the datetimepicker used by the plugin, is not localized at all and is always shown in English.

Thanks for the report. I cannot reproduce this on 2017-02-29e, the interface language of davcal follows DokuWiki's language for de, en, fr and nl. There is indeed a bug regarding datetimepicker which is always English (easy fix).

Are you talking about master? Are there any other plugins installed that might conflict?

Yes, I had the problem with 2017-02-19e and the current hg checkout of your plugin.

You can easily reproduce the problem with the overwritten jQuery-UI datepicker by creating a date field in the bureaucracy plugin.

OK, I can see the problem with the datepicker in bureaucracy now. This seems to be a "feature" of the underlying fullcalendar.js library, though. I'll need to investigate that a bit further.