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davcal: nice print / export to pdf
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Dear Andreas,

thank you for this wonderful plugin.

Are there any plans to implement support for printing / export to pdf ?
Something that would allow to print nicely formatted calenders, like for example google calendar, or osmo organizer.

I would be happy to contribute financially for this functionality. Is there any "bounty" program that users can use, to support their desired functionality ?

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Thanks for your comment.

Printing should work out of the box, the same is true for PDF export - if it's done by your browser. Unfortunately, it's technically not easily possible to support DokuWiki's PDF export button, since that renders the PDF on the server. On the server, JavaScript is not available and thus, davcal is not rendered (the same is true for other JavaScript-based PlugIns, for example bpmnio).

For some situations, i.e. for Linux-servers only, a separate plugin could allow the use of wkhtmltopdf or node.js to support server-side JavaScript. I was thinking of implementing that for quite some time now (although for bpmnio), but haven't had the time.

Currently, there is no bounty. However, R'n'B Consulting can do development work for you if you wish. Please contact us directly at


printing is indeed currently possible from the browser, but the output is quite ugly. I had in mind adding nicely formatted calendar output/export functionality. If it is not exactly clear what I mean, I can attach, or send you two sample outputs (one current, and one desired for comparison)

I don't think I can afford to hire you and pay the whole cost of implementing this functionality. With the bounty idea, I meant that if more people desire this feature, and if each contributes $100, if enough poeple do it, then it might be worth your while.

Yes, please upload a screenshot of the differences. I just tried printing (Firefox 49.0.1) and IMHO it looks very nice! Day/Week view are more condensed in print, but that could be by design (fullcalendar's unmodified print stylesheet is applied).

I have uploaded calendar printed from browser (dokuwiki.pdf), and for reference a very nicely formatted calender printed from osmo organizer (osmo.pdf). Google calender has more or less also similarly nice export / print to pdf.

Yeah, mine looks similar to yours. You can try to style the calendar output by modifying fullcalendar-2.4.0/fullcalendar.print.less (it's a standard CSS stylesheet).