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cram-md5 encrptet passwords support ?
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Hey there. could you make cram-md5 support ? md5-cram ?

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Hm, my initial though was that it is impossible due to the way CRAM-MD5 works. However, it seems that someone wrote a library recently:

Do the strings in your database contain the '{CRAM-MD5}' prefix? Did you create them using 'doveadm pw -s CRAM-MD5 -p $password'?

andreas triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 30 2016, 3:07 PM

I used postfix admin to set password and I think it uses 'doveadm pw -s CRAM-MD5 -p $password'
and yes the strings in my database is cram-md5

Could you please test if the latest development version works for you? Here is the direct link:

Hey there! sorry the long time away and answer
how ever! it works perfectly !

Thanks for testing, I'll add it to the next release.
Did you also test password changing?

Closing, since user_sql is on hold.