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Installation on Nextcloud 10 not possible
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Wen i try to install user_sql from the Apps page i became this error:

Archive does not contain a directory named user_sql

I Try to install from the web (I don't have a CLI access, virtual hosting).

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andreas triaged this task as High priority.

I never tried it with NC10, as soon as I upgrade, this problem will be fixed.

I'm sorry, NC10 is, of course, supported and it works fine for me. However, I have not yet upgraded to 10.0.1, which you are probably running.

Could you check if this fix from NC works:

I have tried your suggestion,

'appcodechecker' => false,

But user_sql still the only app that I can not install.

This issue includes a fix to the code and does not only involve disabling the app code checker.

I'll upload user_sql to the Nextcloud app store soon, which should fix your issue anyway. I'll keep you posted.

OK, user_sql has just been released to the Nextcloud app store. Plus, I changed the way archive folders are created, so now it should also work with the release on OwnCloud's app store.