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Problems with Outlook CalDav Synchronizer
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I used the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer to sync a calendar with dokuwiki. However, it is not working any longer. I assume that this error coincides with the update to Elenor of Tsort, but I am not shure about that. I tried to sync with another caldav server, which works fine. I also tried to sync the davcal calender with thunderbird (using the lightning addon) and it works. So it seems to be a special problem when Outlook CalDav Synchronizer and Davcal are used together. The log files of my webserver running dokuwiki confirm, that Outlook CalDav Synchronizer sends the report-command.

I can look deeper in the logfiles or maybe capture the request send to davcal, but I would need further instruction about where to look at.

Event Timeline

Did you use this one:

I never tested this synchronizer, but I would be interested in getting it working anyway. I'll install it and see what I can find out. Thanks for the report!

Your link is correct.

I updated my dokuwiki to Elenor of Tsort last weekend and I also updated PHP5 to PHP7. So the problem may also coincide with the update to PHP7.

I'm currently testing a few things, it seems that OutlookCalDavSynchronizer requests only events within a certain time span. davcal does not report any events back, so it looks like a problem somewhere within davcal.

I need to dig a bit deeper and add some more debug output, thus it's going to take - again - some time.

OK, I found the problem: It's the PHP7 update and an incompatibility with the version of Sabre/DAV I'm using for davcal. See the problem for ownCloud, I applied their patch:

I'm uploading a fixed version in the next few minutes.