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All Day Event subtracts a day
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When I add an All Day Event, it moves it to the previous day.

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My first guess would be a timezone issue. Please give some more info:

  • What is your browser's timezone?
  • What is the server's timezone?
  • Are there any preferences set for your user, the calendar or the Wiki regarding the timezone?
  • Which version of davcal are you running?

I was thinking timezone issue also. My browser and server timezones are both America/New_York.
I had the default timezone set on the calendar. I tried using forcetimezone on the calendar and I set the timezone in settings to America/New_York but neither worked.
I don't see any timezone preferences set for the user.
I am new to davcal and installed the latest (2016-01-20) version today.

OK, I'm currently installing a few test servers and clients with different timezone settings, however it's going to take some time.

I can reproduce this if I set my client to your timezone. The server's timezone doesn't seem to have any influence on this. I'll investigate this during the next days.

Please update to the latest version, this fixes the issue for me.

Updated and was still having the same issue. Created a new calendar and it is now working correctly. That is fine for me since I didn't have much in my calendar yet.
Thanks for the quick work.