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calendar doesn't display
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davcal seems to be correctly installed, as well as sqlite, php 5.4.
the command {{davcal>}} does not display a calendar, only the link settings/sync with the gear icon.
but nothing happens when I click on it.

I am using dokuwiki detritus, on a custom linux server.
I tried with ubuntu/firefox and windows/chrome.

any idea ?

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Seems like the JavaScript did not reload. Try force-reloading the page and, if that doesn't help, cleaning DokuWiki's cache (for instance by re-saving the configuration file).


we tried that and we still have the problem.
to clean the DokuWiki's cache we did:
"touch conf/local.php" which is recommended by dokuwiki's help

could the problem comes from something else ?

Yes, re-saving the configuration file has the exact same effect as touching the file.

I suppose there are no PHP errors in the server's log file, could you check that, please?
If you have Chrome or Firefox, could you check whether there are any JavaScript errors? In Firefox, you can press F12 to launch the developer console. If you click on console and reload the page, you can check if JavaScript reports errors.

not checked for the server's log file yet
but on Firefox I clicked on f12, reload the page and I have this error message:
"ReferenceError: addInitEvent is not defined"

We checked, there is no error on the server's log file.

Then you most probably have a JavaScript error in one of your other PlugIns, because addInitEvent is not used by davcal. To speed up the time to track it down, disable JavaScript compression in DokuWiki. Check the error log again and you should get an idea what PlugIn it is from by looking around the erroneous line. Disable (or update?) the corresponding PlugIn and you should be good to go.


you were right, the problem came from the plugin ACLauditor.

so the calendar is working.
I tried to add link, it's working except when the link as a "?" in it. If I replace this character by a letter for example, it's working, but the link is invalid of course ...
is there any way to solve this issue ?

This should be fixed now in rDAVCAL1e7c1b3b359f. It was a problem with how the SQL queries were built, the SQL library thought the question mark was a placeholder and expected more parameters

it works perfectly now, thanks !