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implements getHome method
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I have and obsolete and modified copy of user_sql (i'm a bad coder) that implements getHome method to define a custom path of owncloud accounts like PostfixAdmin, i want to use /home/owncloud/domain/user as a home directory

Can you help me?

Kind regards

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The need for this functionality actually arose yesterday when I discovered some problems with my setup. I'm going to implement this in one of the next releases, but I have yet to find a structured way to enter the configuration.

Could you send me your modified copy?

andreas triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 7 2016, 2:10 PM

I added this in rUSQL77f7b713334c, rUSQL34606ff7539f and rUSQL5d207457c879

Please report back if that it was you inteded. Be aware that you might have to rescan the filesystem and/or to re-download all files afterwards.

Marking it as resolved as it works for me and nobody else complained...